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Introducing The Roadmap to Freelancing Success

Unlock These Tried, Tested, and Proven Tips, Strategies, and Guidelines:


Sure solutions to help you grow an express startup even on a budget


Ways to earn money even while at home


Identify the winning plans and strategies with a top marketable skill


Get the tips on capturing your first lucrative online client


Learn how to win repeat clients


How to determine your rates


How to search for clients who pay the good rate

Learning these skills will guide you in winning against the toughest
struggles every Filipino virtual assistant faces…

So, What Is The Most Effective Way to Jumpstart Your
Career in Freelancing?

So, What Is The Most Effective Way to Jumpstart Your Career in Freelancing?

Freelancing and working from home
are a dream for many people.

What skills do you need to be a Virtual Assistant? Everyone wants to be a freelancer, but not everyone is committed to making it work. If you want to be a successful freelancer and a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, you need to invest time, effort, and dedication.

Making a living by simply using a laptop or a computer and a stable internet connection has worked for many people. But not everyone with these resources is lucky enough to create a success story. If only there were tips, guides, strategies, and other resources freelancers can use, especially for those who are just starting out!

Freelancing is not just about having your laptop, internet, and skills. If this were the case, everyone who had these would have made it as successful freelancers by now!

But, there is so much more behind freelancing than what we generally know.

Our common misconceptions about freelancing are wrong. Even the freelancer with the best skill set will take months to years before landing their best client. Worse, some of them never get decent clients no matter how hard they try. Imagine the struggle a newbie freelancer might be facing.

So, what is it you really need to make you a successful freelancer?

The series of ebooks in this Roadmap is a work of passion of an experienced and expert freelancer who wants to pay it forward by helping newbies and starting freelancers.

With ONE easy tweak to your strategies, you can make the difference you’ve been waiting for in your freelancing career…

Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable, but believe me, it works.

It worked for me. It also worked for my friends and everyone else who has tried it. And this time, I’ll pass the torch to you so you can experience the positive change for yourself.

If one tweak can significantly improve your freelancing career, imagine what my compiled tips, strategies, and guides can do for you!

These ebooks have honed me to be the great freelancer I am today. How to become a successful Virtual Assistant is never easy. These ebooks served as my foundation, helped me develop a profitable skill, trained me with varying winning strategies, and guided me to receive the proper pricing for the services I offer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home and earn way more than what a typical 9 to 5 job has to offer?

Using these ebooks will transform you from a Freelancer Zero to a Rockstar Freelancer Hero. Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant fast and easy! The choice is for you to make.

Roadmap to Freelancing Success:

A Collection of eBooks Designed to Transform a Freelancer Zero to a Rockstar Freelancer Hero

This Roadmap to Freelancing Success will:

Set your foundation as a successful freelancer on platforms like Upwork

Guide you in defining your greatest assets and skills to jumpstart your freelancing career

Help you highlight the qualities that make you a unique and substantial addition to every client you will work with

Assist you in finding the ideal clients that pay premium rates

Convert one-time clients to long-term clients

Teach tactics that help you make more lucrative money with less time and effort

The eBooks included today…


Freelancing for Filipinos 101: Your Introduction to Success (and Making it on Upwork)


The Remote Writer’s Manual


Top Tips for Freelancers Old and New


Pricing Guidelines for Freelance Writers


Learn the Top Tips in Freelancing

Make your freelancing journey to success a breeze with easy to follow and simple but actionable tips. Written with well-known LinkedIn expert Coach Joel Quebral, this Virtual Assistant training ebook will help you save time, maximize your potentials, and dominate the market you want to penetrate. Set your foundation as a freelancer today so you are one step closer to success!



Do you want to establish a reliable income in the comfort of your home? Are you ready to make it on platforms like Upwork? With a laptop or computer and reliable internet, you have everything to get started. For all other strategies to be a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, we have it covered for you in this eBook.


Familiarize Yourself with the Remote Writer’s Manual

There are so many different ways to make money online as a Filipino Virtual Assistant. We’ll help you define the innate skills you have to maximize online platforms and generate a lucrative income with the ideal client for your services. You’ll also learn one profitable skill that is in high demand and helping other freelancers earn thousands of pesos from just one project alone.


Learn How to Price for Your Freelance Writing Services

No one deserves a low rate, especially if you work to the fullest of your potential. Every second and effort counts. Learn the pricing guideline to follow in freelance writing services so you can receive the good pay rate that is deserving of your value and worth. We even included tips that will keep low-baller clients away!



Lifetime access to weekly webinars so you can keep levelling up your skills, from creating a portfolio to creating your Upwork account. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can get EVERY WEEK…

Level up your odds in freelancing success at half the price! Get the best deal on freelancers and Filipino Virtual Assistant resources that will guarantee more income in your pocket.



Who’s This Roadmap For?

These Methods Are Designed For You

This Roadmap is Crafted and Designed With You in Mind

You can be a fresh graduate, a stay-at-home mom, or a father tired of the typical 9 to 5 job. You can be anybody. Whoever you are, if you have a dream, you can make it with the right resources to make it happen. This roadmap will open doors for job opportunities and success for you. 

Who Am I?

I am an online entrepreneur and an experienced offshore freelancer with a passion for IT development, project management, multimedia design, and digital marketing. I know the struggle that comes with being a newbie freelancer and that’s what I am here for. 

Writing these ebooks is my way of giving back and sharing my freelancing journey success. I have years of first-hand experience and I wish to spare you of the hard part of learning. Allow me to share the resources and approaches you can repeat to win. These ebooks will serve as your shortcut and definitive ways to a smooth and easy journey to freelancing success.

I hope to hear your outstanding success story soon!

Mark Enriquez


Coach Joel

 LinkedIn Expert and Founder of JAQ Business Solutions

“Featuring e-books written with Coach Joel, a LinkedIn lead generation coach. He has been in the business of helping entrepreneurs get 6-7 figures ROI for the last 5 years and now wants to help fellow Filipinos find their path as successful online freelancers.”

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Freelancing for Filipinos 101: Your Introduction to Success (and Making it on Upwork)

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Top Tips for Freelancers Old and New

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The Remote Writer’s Manual

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Pricing Guidelines for Freelance Writers

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I hope you had an awesome time reading this and thank you for making it till the end with me.

Whoever you are, believe that you can do it and most of all – BEGIN! After all, that’s where it all starts. I wish you the best of luck and cheers to the beginning of your own success story.

Remember, I’ve unlocked the tried, tested, and proven tips, strategies, and guidelines to help you develop a freelance startup business, find your ideal client, get repeat clients, and earn lucrative money in the comfort of your own home. You can be next.

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