Lucrative Profit Starts
When You Learn Our
Web Development Skills


Everything you need to learn to become a 7-digit earning web developer! It’s a skill that even top entrepreneurs worldwide
Lucrative Profit Starts
When You Learn Our
Web Development Skills
Learn the steps to be a web developer that can land you to a
7-figure pay! It’s a skill that even top entrepreneurs worldwide
are so eager to learn.
This is perfect for the following:

SERIOUS VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS na gustong maglevel up sa skills at sweldo as an in-demand web developer.


BEGINNING VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS with zero knowledge sa web development pero gustong matuto ng marketable skill that will score high-paying projects.


IT STUDENTS na gustong mamaster web development at mag-earn ng steady income kahit nasa bahay lang.


FRESH GRADS na gustong mag-level up ng portfolio para makakamit ng masmataas na sahod even from home.


GRADUATING IT COLLEGE STUDENTS na gusto ng industry-standard lessons that will turn them into insta-hire web devs.


CAREER SHIFTERS who want to in-depth skills para makapagstart sa industry na profitable at in-demand.


ENTREPRENEURS who want to build a custom website for their business and create additional income through web dev clients.

This is what will you get once you’ve become
an official member of FilVAN.

Change your life with awesome benefits
and priceless bonuses! only we can offer.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

“I am one of the fortunate individual who attend this superb event. Sir Mark and his team were very hands on and extremely helpful. Their patience is very much appreciated. I know the people behind it have genuine hearts, to spend their time and money and their knowledge to us. I do believe that this community will grow and help freelancer around the globe. More power!”

Jonalyn Gabionza

“I appreaciate the time and mostly the effort for giving us a very memorable and knowledgeable training. I am always looking to improve and with your WordPress free training I gained additional skills that would be very useful for me in the future. And I would love to have the opportunity to attend any future workshop with you. Your WordPress Free Training ROCKS! I greatly enjoyed it!”

Monette Uncad

Madelene Lagayan

“The event is really great actually, that is your first event, right? Pero promise hindi halata, the speakers are awesome even though they are young nadala parin nila ang training. And bihira sa isang training ang free tapos dami pang freebies bongga nga eh.. Hopefully there will be a next event soon. Thank you so much and Godbless.”

Walter Daguro

This is the first training that FilVAN invested and they pulled it perfectly. Giving time to teach freelancers that want to add new skills or people who wants to jumpstart to a new carreer it’s an honor to be part of this group that helps freelancer on their strugles as a freelancers.”


Eh, may career na ako as Virtual Assistant. Bakit pa ako mag-aaral tungkol sa Web Development?

Hindi ka mauubusan ng trabaho at opportunities. It is one of the most in-demand jobs around the world.

It’s a high-paying job. ‘Nuff said.
Flexible ang paraan ng pagtatrabaho. You can work independently or with a team.
Work anywhere. As long as you have your laptop and an Internet connection, work wherever you please.
Nailalabas mo ang pagiging creative mo. You can build anything from scratch.
Tuloy-tuloy ang paglago mo. You will never be stagnant as long as you want to learn. This career will keep you on your toes 25/8.
Ito ay para isang trabaho para sa kinabukasan. This is a future-proof job. The more information technology grows, the more demand there will be for developers.

Paano ba maging web developer?

Both methods will take you where you want to go, yung isa mas practical lang.

Long way is to get an education and a degree at a college or university. This will entail 4 or more years in academics. So, if you’re already working, you will have to add studies to the mix of things you’re already juggling. That’s time and money, and most people don’t have that.

Ang practical way ay hindi necessarily mas madali, pero, yun nga, praktikal. Get training from experienced professionals with industry experience at a lower cost than 4 years of college. An added bonus would be after-training coaching and mentorship so that you don’t have to find your way in the dark.

Celine Rose Merto

“The training conducted was very insightful and hands-on. I have learned a lot during the training despite having ample knowledge about the topic beforehand. I commend the organizers for conducting a very successful event. The presence of tech supports during the training was a good idea. They were very helpful and non-judgemental. especially to those who have zero background on the topic. Looking forward to the next one.”


Paolo Henson

“I was able to learn a lot from installing WordPress to learn how to navigate it. Hopefully, the FilVAN community grows to further help to other aspiring freelancers.”

Remarie Coronel

“The free training was an exceptional experience. They made us feel like a VIP because of the freebies and assistance they gave us during the training.”

Our web development and graphic design training
is now ONline!

Web development 🔴 LIVE VIDEO 🔴 class para sa mga zero knowledge.
Hindi ka lang nanonood, may practical application for faster learning and familiarization. 💪


All the Basics to Get Started with Web Development


In-Depth and Practical Web Development Workshop


Evolution, Theories, and Current Trends in Web Development


PLUS! Basic Adobe Photoshop Training

“True to their words. They exceeded my expectation and my experience was even better compared to some paid trainings that I attended. This is a very promising team and community. I’m grateful to be a part of it. Thank you so much guys. Will definitely support your vision of helping out and giving back to this wonderful community.”

Mary Joy Lobo

“I am not new about the topic of training. I’ve attended a WordPress training before but this time it’s different. It’s very detailed and every function has been discussed. They have a great support system and approachable staffs. I’ve learned a lot not only WordPress but also about freelancing. Thank you FilVAN! May God bless you and your advocacy!”

Mary Ann Del Rosario

Reyvie Paz

“First time kong magjoin ng online group at first nahihiya ako especially wala naman ako background sa wordpress pero pinaramdam sakin ng FilVAN group especially mga staff and sila sir mark at sir jhoel at yung MC sobrang approachable ako na nga nahihiya kase sila mismu ngaask kung ok bah kung kumusta naman. Sobrang na appreciate ko. Thank you for this wonderful event and Im hoping may next pa dahil mgjojoin ulit ako jan. Goodluck and more power to the group.”

Maria Therese

“As a newbie in the freelancing world, I have to learn more and acquire some knowledge needed for this kind of profession. Attending the WordPress training given by FilVAN is one of the best I have attended. It boosts my confidence to proceed and explore more so that I can become an efficient Virtual Assistant. I would also like to experience a borderless lifestyle. To be able to travel, learn and work at the same time which can only be experienced if I am working online.”



Weekly 30-minute assessment, exercise, and evaluation after the training.

Branding and Client Aquisition Strategies

Access to VIP Facebook Group chat

Access to lecture points (PowerPoint presentation)

Regular Rate Offline (Hands-On) Training: PHP 3,498.00

In these sessions, you will be taught the basics to get you started. It is a training that will teach you the ropes of developing custom websites.

After ng training, kaya mo ng gumawa ng sarili mong website. Tutulungan ka pa namin with after-training assessment and evaluation.

Pwede mo ring i-level up ang knowledge mo by registering sa 2-day hands-on training. Matututunan mo sa training ang mga important elements para lumalim pa ang understanding mo sa web development.

Olivia Quizon
“The training helped me learn basic knowledge about WordPress. It’s still a long way to become an expert but it paved way to take the first step. Kudos to Sir Mark and his team for taking the initiative! I am grateful to be one of the pioneer members benefitted from this good work and hope to join more future training.”

Our Trainings Come With Fun and Glee…

So We Give You Options in Three:


FilVAN offers a valuable opportunity for you. We know information can overwhelm but don’t just stop at reading this page.

Here are the options you can do:

Option 1: Go on with your day like you read nothing. Stay with your 9 to 5 job and go on with the same old boring routine. Also, be content with the salary your company has to offer. Working 9 to 5 means staying away from home, seeing less of your family, and letting your colleagues spearhead the competition.

Option 2: Start doing your own research and DIY what we have in store for you. Yes, it sounds practical. But we tell you, what we offer is invaluable and you can’t find anywhere else, no matter how hard you try to Google and research. Don’t even think about it, you know the ending – wasted time, effort, and money. Don’t head on this route.

Option 3: Make the best decision you can ever take in your life. Jumpstart your career and join our training community to get access to information that will make your life a success. Join us and take the road to living a financially-abled life with fewer hours of work and more time with your loved ones.

“It was a great pleasure to be part of the group and training I attended surely gave me an insight on how to use wordpress. It was a funfield day of learning, meering new friends and challenges. Looking forward to more learning experience from the group. Keep it up and God Bless you all.”

Mary Joy Lobo

“I really enjoyed the training and appreciate all the efforts of the staff and leaders who did their best to make the event happen. I’m really looking forward to any events and/ or trainings the group has to offer. I’m hoping and wish that if possible to have at least monthly event/ training with the whole group.”

Grazelle Garcia

FilVAN is your ticket to changing your lifestyle.

We will keep you content and capable of providing for your family and even more. 

This is the small step that will change your life forever. 

We already opened the door. All you need to do is enter.

FilVAN and turn ON the beautiful and profitable opportunities!


What are the topics?
✔️ Introduction and Terminologies in Web Development
✔️ Evolution, Theories, and Current Trends in Web Development
✔️ Basic Web Development Workshop
✔️ CSS
✔️ Basic GRAPHIC DESIGN (Photoshop)
How much is the training?
Online Accelerator Training
Regular Rate: ₱ 11,000
What you will get aside from the training:
❇️ Weekly 30-minute assessment, exercise, and evaluation after the training.
❇️ Branding and Client Acquisition Strategies
❇️ Access to membership site.
❇️ Access to VIP Group chat
❇️ Access to lecture materials (PowerPoint presentations).

❇️ Membership card.
❇️ 2 E-books for freelancing (value $599).
❇️ Advance class in Photoshop (value $389).
❇️ Access to WordPress 2.0 (value $500).
❇️ Free Resume / CV design (pdf) (value $150).5. Hacks to get clients!”

ONLINE Web Development Training
Regular Rate: ₱ 4,998
What you will get aside from the training:
❇️ Weekly 30-minute assessment, exercise, and evaluation after the training..
❇️ Branding and Client Acquisition Strategies
❇️ Access to membership site.
❇️ Access to VIP Group chat
❇️ Access to lecture materials (PowerPoint presentations).

❇️ Membership card.
❇️ 2 E-books for freelancing (value $599).
❇️ Advance class in Photoshop (value $389).”


HANDS-ON Web Development Training
Regular Rate: ₱ 3,498
What you will get aside from the training:
❇️ Weekly 30-minute assessment, exercise, and evaluation after the training.
❇️ Branding and Client Acquisition Strategies
❇️ Access to membership site.
❇️ Access to VIP Group chat
❇️ Access to lecture materials (PowerPoint presentations).”

How to register?
The best way to register is to click the button below. You can also ask us and we will guide you through the process.
Training schedule?
Train Anywhere. Anytime.

Train Anywhere. Anytime.

How many slots are available for Hands-On / Offline?
10 slots per training session.
What if the 10 slots are filled?
You will be scheduled for the training next week (online/hands-on)
Where is the training venue?

We are located in FilVAN Philippines Headquarters in Clark-Dau, Pampanga.

The training is great. I have previous knowledge in using WordPress but I still learned a lot from the training. It is really great to get another perspective when it comes to technology. It is fast evolving and really need this types of training to keep up. Even if you know you’ve been using something for a long time. It is easy to get stagnant and get left out.
Thank you for organizing this training. More to come 🙂
Gilbert Garcia

“FilVAN, thank you so much for giving the Free Word Press Seminar! It was well thought of, carefully planned out and very well scheduled. The give-aways were awesome and very unexpected! The organizers have really spent a lot of money on this event without any monetary returns, which is really commendable. The food was great. The speakers really spoke from experience and are very knowledgeable. I am happy and privileged to be part of this seminar!”

Romely Esquejo
Sarah Jane Villanueva

Sarah Jane Villanueva

Everything – the process, the registration, and the team – was organized. It looked like (or was even better than most of paid courses) I paid 10k because the service was premium!!! I mean they gave a free course plus free stuff! What more can I say?! The experience was amazing, I learned a lot!

Marinelle Enriquez

Marinelle Enriquez

Hi FilVAN Team! I attended your first ever offered training! You hit me so hard by your generosity and kindness, as in. I got home with a knowledge of creating my own website in less than 8 hours, plus the list of helpful plug-ins list, especially having a community of approachable and go-giver people.

FilVAN aims to assists people through training, education, and hands-on experience. Any mention of earnings and income are aspirational statements of potential earning you may receive. All success stories, testimonials, and examples are exceptional results not from an average person. Note that not everyone will get the same results. Every person’s outcome will depend on their work ethics, capacity, experience, motivation, passion, dedication, commitment to what we teach, and other unforeseen factors. 

FilVAN does not take any responsibility for your actions. Every action. Decision,and move you make is solely your own and your responsibility. You acknowledge that FilVAN is not liable for any outcome from our products and services.