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Freelancing Tools for Every Pinoy Freelancers’ Need

Freelancing has been one of the industries that benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic. From people losing their jobs and companies opting to resource workers online, the industry is definitely having a great surge in workers and job openings.

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As a matter of fact, according to Freelancer’s “First 50” report, there was a 25% increase in the number of job openings in the second quarter of the year than the previous quarter.

So if you’re looking to jumpstart your career as a freelancer, there are things that you should need to know first before venturing into this industry. And the most important are the tools you will need in order to do the service you’re going to offer.

What is a freelancing tool?

Freelancing tools are the equipment, applications, and software that a freelancer uses to perform his/her task, communicate with the client, or monitor, track, and manage the project.

There are free apps and software, and there are those with fees. Subscription-based apps and software though, can be a bang in your buck with the features that will definitely give you some advantage.

With the boom of the online freelancing industry in recent years, a lot of tools have been developed. And now, each skill that can be of service has different types and kinds of tools that can be used. From writing, to accounting and bookkeeping, to data entry, to software development, there are tons of tools that a freelancer can utilize.

Communication Tools

Communicating with your client is a necessity in freelancing. Having open communication with clients makes the project finish smoothly. It may be through email, chats, or video communication.

Here are some communication apps that you can use in your freelancing career.

Writing Tools

Writing is one of the most in demand skills in every freelancing platform. There are different kinds of writing gigs out there. And it’s up to you to find your strong niche.

For the writing tools, Microsoft Office Word has always been the go-to tool by every writer. But in recent years, there are a few software and apps that have better features and you may find them better suitable for your writing needs.

Google Docs, Open Office Word, WPS, are some to name a few that can also be a good alternative for Microsoft Word.
For proofreading, there is a web application which helps you identify all the grammar mistakes in your write-ups, and will show some corrections that can be made.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools

For those who love punching and balancing numbers, there are great and simple tools that you can use for your accounting and bookkeeping projects.

The most common one is the QuickBooks. Not only is this software very user-friendly, it is also the recommended tool used in the USA and Australia. And if you hooked a client in those countries, being a QuickBook user will definitely be an advantage.

But if you’re looking for other options, there are other software that you may use for free but with limited features unless you buy the full version for a few bucks.


Organizational Tools

Sending over files to clients is often done thru emails, but only for those simple and small to medium-sized files. And it’s always a problem on how to send big files over to your client. But with the emergence of the file-sharing software and apps, where you can upload your files then share the link through email or chat so that the receiver can access the file on their end, sending your output is now hassle-free.

Dropbox, Google Drive, We Transfer, Microsoft OneDrive, are the popular ones in this category.


All of these tools will give your freelancing journey a huge boost and taking advantage of these will help you save more time and energy in performing your task. So if you’re looking to give freelancing a ty, know what niche you can create money from, and from there, you can choose a tool that will be suitable for your needs and comfortability.

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