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Pampanga — ONline Philippines, the country’s premier virtual assistant group partnered with iBoostify Society to further support and help freelancers and home based professionals in their career.

iBoositisfy Society is a program created by Ken Krell, an international coach. It aims to teach people how to achieve a life of independence through education and mentorship.

Mark Enriquez, one of the founders of ONline-Philippines, said: “This is a great move toward helping virtual assistants build their career. Oftentimes we think they are okay on their own, but the truth is, even though we seem independent, we still need all the help and mentoring we can get.”

The program aims to help individuals make the most out of their chosen career through one-on-one coaching and education. The faculty of the iBoostify Society has a faculty from all over the world and the student can choose the recommended faculty or they can hand-pick from over the 100+ coaches and mentors available to them.

ONline-Philippines’ mission is to create a paradigm shift in the virtual assistant industry through the development of trainings and seminars as well as Finding fruitful partnerships such as the aforementioned event.

A virtual assistant is an online professional that renders services like administrative tasks, graphic design, content writing, marketing, web development, and other miscellaneous activities you can do online for clients which are generally from other countries.

Freelancing in the Philippines is growing. In a report by, a global freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace platform, our country ranks fourth worldwide in terms of users, both freelancers and employers, on their site following India, the United States. and Pakistan respectively.

Forbes Magazine predicts that by 2027, the majority of the global workforce will be freelancers. This means that more and more people will turn to freelancing for their income or as an extra income in the years to come.

Being a home based employee doing freelance work has the same nature as owning a business and being self-employed. Thus, the professional will face similar issues in terms of mental health, processing documents, and even the daily drive to achieve success. 

This is where iBoostify can help the workers. The coaching and education given by the faculty are specifically geared toward teaching and creating programs that cater to individual needs.

ONline-Philippines, on the other hand creates trainings and content that give value and elevate the skillsets of virtual assistants. It also fosters a sense of belongingness in the community.

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