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Advice from the UC Event Seminar and Job Fair on “How to Brand Yourself for Success”

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The University of Cordilleras recently hosted a seminar and job fair called the UC Baguio Event. iPhiTech, one of the best digital marketing firms in the Philippines, hosted the event. Speakers from various backgrounds discussed the importance of personal branding in the competitive IT industry.

Because FilVan’s team cooperated with them, we learned much from the event and want to share some key takeaways.

What Exactly Is “Personal Branding,” and How Can It Help You?

The VP of Product and Technology at iPhiTech gave an upbeat speech to start the conference. “The art of creating a unique identity that showcases your skills, values, personality, and goals” is what he defined personal branding as. As he put it, “personal branding” is more than just having a logo or tagline; it’s about making an impression that resonates with your audience over time.

He also emphasized the significance of personal branding and its ability to set you apart from the competition, build trust and credibility, bring in new opportunities, and broaden your professional circle. A solid personal brand can set you apart when seeking employment, clients, partners, or mentors.


Creating a Strong Online Presence for Yourself

The keynote address was given by the CEO/President of iPhiTech, a branding and IT industry legend. He discussed his methods for establishing a strong online presence through various mediums.

Realizing your abilities, identifying your target market, and conveying your value effectively were all topics he covered. In addition, he instructed us on how to present ourselves professionally online, including how to use social media effectively. He discussed the importance of personal branding in the modern era and offered advice on how to build a brand that stands out.

Five of the Best Techniques for Online Advertising

We were particularly interested in digital advertising. The promotion of a good or service through digital means If you want to make it in the information technology field, you need this skill. Some of the methods presented to us were the following:

  • SEO, or search engine optimization, is tailoring a website to perform better in organic search engine results (SERPs). SEO improves a website’s visibility and traffic by strategically using keywords, developing engaging content, and refining the site’s architecture.
  • Content Marketing: To attract and keep your target audience’s attention, you must consistently provide them with valuable and exciting content. This is the goal of content marketing. Expertise, trust, and new business opportunities are all attainable goals with the help of content marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing: Marketers in the social media sphere use various online networking sites to spread the word about their wares and establish rapport with potential customers. Using social media to promote your business can help you connect with various people, find new customers, and boost sales.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC): Instead of paying for each impression served, advertisers who use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) models only receive payment when site visitors click on their ads. This advertising lets you zero in on specific keywords, geographic areas, demographic groups, etc., for instantaneous website traffic.
  • Email marketing: This helps communicate with people who have opted in to receive promotional material via email. Direct interaction with customers, more compelling messages, and stronger brand loyalty are all possible through email marketing.


Become a Super Virtual assistant is possible

iPhiTech’s Engaging Meetings and First Interviews

After the opening remarks by the CEO/President of iPhiTech, we attended several panel discussions and interactive sessions presented by prominent figures in the field. We witnessed students’ engaged learning as they honed their skills and gained insight into the best practices that would set them apart in the job market.

Initial interviews with iPhiTech, a well-known IT company constantly looking for top talent, were a high point of the event. We saw students eagerly presenting their best work in the hopes of landing an internship or full-time position with iPhiTech. During these preliminary interviews, students were given an excellent opportunity to impress potential employers with their skills and qualifications.

In Conclusion


The UC Event Seminar and Job Fair significantly altered our perspectives as outsiders to the IT industry. Distinguished speakers, engaging panels, and promising internship and job opportunities helped us better understand how to position ourselves as the next generation of IT leaders.

Aspiring IT professionals can learn much about the job market and network with industry professionals at events like the UC Event Seminar and Job Fair. These gatherings equip students with the tools they need to succeed in the highly competitive IT industry by offering advice on building a professional brand and introducing them to potential employers.

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